"Lethe" in my flower, Of which they who drink

EDJE is an ongoing experiment in a mode of criticism that, instead of an explication of a text, offers something closer to a translation, or transformation, or reply to it.

The left column gives poems by Emily Dickinson, numbered according to R. W. Franklin’s edition of The Poems of Emily Dickinson (Harvard 1998). The right column is by me. To learn more about the project, click here.


"Lethe" in my flower, 
Of which they who drink,
In the fadeless Orchards
Hear the bobolink!

Merely flake or petal
As the eye beholds
Jupiter! my father!
I perceive the rose!

You hit me with a flower.
You do it every hour.
The poem is a kind of potion, a "Lethe,"
Harboring a bobolink in "fadeless Orchards."